Carole Bennett, a rural potter working in a small, traditional studio in East Sussex, presents an original and perceptive exploration of the types of porcelain that were traded along the Silk Road. She uses simple handmade glazes, hand-thrown porcelain forms on the wheel and classical Arabic texts transposed entirely by hand to create unique pieces. These traditional forms take on a new resonance in the 21st Century.

Carole Bennett in her studio

The work is breathtakingly diverse, ranging from delicate celadon tea bowls to large serving dishes: reminiscent of the huge, practical cargoes of porcelain that were used in aristocratic households across Asia and the Near East. Carole’s studio lies in the heart of a fine collection of bamboo, a backdrop of peace and tranquillity where each piece can be produced without interference from the outside world.

View some of Carole’s work in the gallery